4 inch pipe CSF-counter



World´s largest wellboat equipped with 4 AquaScan 20 inch pipe CSF-counters.

The 4500mMS Ro Fjell built at Aas Mek. Verksted AS, is owned and operated by Rostein AS.




Accurate. Reliable. Efficient.



AquaScan manufacture and sell electronic measuring equipment used for counting fish being transported in pipes. 

We have a wide range of counters ready to meet the demands from the smallest fish farms to the largest well-boats and processing plants. 

Our fish counters utilize state of the art imaging technology, electronics and software to ensure that the operators are always provided with precise information. 

In addition to the impressive accuracy of our counters, it is also important for us to deliver durable units able to work flawlessly in the harsh marine environment for years. 

Our counting systems are easy to use, easy to move and get the job done quickly and accurately with a minimum of manpower.


It doesn´t have to be complicated to be high tech.