4 inch pipe CSF-counter



World´s largest wellboat equipped with 4 AquaScan 20 inch pipe CSF-counters.

The 4500mMS Ro Fjell built at Aas Mek. Verksted AS, is owned and operated by Rostein AS.




 Unique Technology




AquaScan fish counters are based on a patended measuring principle which delivers both high capacity and accuracy. The fish flows through a pipe and passes an advanced sensor that registers its size and speed.

The large amount of registered data is continuously transferred to a Control Unit, which will process data from up to 4 counters at the same time.



The system is not dependent on the fish passing one by one. When several fish pass the sensor at the same time, the Control Unit will use an continuously updated average weight as a base for calculating the correct number and size of the fish.

Advanced elecronics and software ensures that the number and size of the fish are always reliable.