4 inch pipe CSF-counter



World´s largest wellboat equipped with 4 AquaScan 20 inch pipe CSF-counters.

The 4500mMS Ro Fjell built at Aas Mek. Verksted AS, is owned and operated by Rostein AS.



The CSE series are our range of counters typically used in combination with grading and similar operations. These dry-counters require only a small amount of transport water for the fish passing through. They have standard DN flange connection that makes the installation very simple. We also have adapters for pipe connections.

The CSE is a very flexible series of counters that are easy to use either as standalone counters, connected to a pipeline system or mounted directly on a grader.


Ranges from 1g to 1Kg


Ranges from 3g to 7Kg


Ranges from 3g to 12Kg


Ranges from 10g to 18Kg