4 inch pipe CSF-counter



World´s largest wellboat equipped with 4 AquaScan 20 inch pipe CSF-counters.

The 4500mMS Ro Fjell built at Aas Mek. Verksted AS, is owned and operated by Rostein AS.




Some of our customer references:

Aafjorddal Smoltoppdrett A/S, Norway.

Aakvik Settefisk, Norway

Aas Mek Verksted AS, Norway

Acadia Aquaculture Inc., USA

Acuimag, Chile

Akva Feed Systems Inc., Canada.

Akva Ltda, Chile.

Alevines Y Doradas, S.A., Spain

Alf Lone Fiskeoppdrett, Norway.

Alpha Processing Ltd., (processing plant), Canada

Aqua Farms Brekke, Norway.

Amhedegaard Åledambrug AS, Denmark

Aqua Farms foredling (processing plant), Norway

Aqua Farms Solund, Norway.

Aqua Plus Co. Ltd (2 systems), Japan.

Aqua Supply A/S; Norway

AquaOptima A/S, Norway (Customer in Malaysia)

Aquatas Pty. Ltd., Australia

Aqua-Vet S.A, Greece

Arnøy Trans A/S; (wellboat), Norway

Arvid Emilsen & Sønner A/S, Norway.

AS Trans Salmon; "M/V Sea Star", Norway.

Åsen Settefisk A/S, Norway

Aspøy Fisk A/S, Norway.

Atlantic Prawn A/S, (wellboat: Edelfisk), Norway

Atlantic Salmon of Maine; (3 systems),USA

Averøy Skip A/S; (2 wellboats: "M/V Ivar Senior" and "M/V Seifjord"), Norwa

Belsvikfisk A/S, Norway.

Bertelsen, Norway;(wellboat: M/V Vassøybuen)

Bindalsmolt A/S, Norway

Bjørsvik Settefisk A/S, Norway.

Bjørøya Fiskeoppdrett A/S, Norway.

Bognøy Fiskeoppdrett A/S; (2 systems), Norway.

Bokn Settefisk A/S, Norway.

Bolaks A/S, (processing plant), Norway

Bolstad Fiskeoppdrett A/S, Norway.

Bømlo Brønnbåtservice A/S;(wellboats: M/V Øytind, M/V Øylaks, M/V Øystrand, M/V Øyfjord), Norway

Bortnen Settefisk A/S, Norway

Bremnes Fryseri A/S, (processing plant), Norway

Bremnes Fryseri A/S; Gjeravågen, Norway.

Buner Buksér og Båttransport AS, Norwa

Cannes Aquaculture, France.

Charles Murgat, France.

Cimbria Aquatec, Denmark

Cold Water Fisheries, Canada

Columbia River Fish Farms, USA

Crooked Creek Hatchery, Canad

Dan Fish Farms, Israel.

Davik Fiskeindustri A/S, (processing plant), Norwa

Egil Kristoffersen&Sønner A/S, (farm & processing ),Norway

EMF (Aquacultur Fischtechnik GmbH), Germany

Espeværgruppen, (processing plant), Norway

Euro-Laks A/S, Norway

Fischzucht Hartl, Austria.

Fjordlaks A/S, (Wellboat: Havørn), Norway.

Fjord Seafood A/S dep. Herøy, (processing plant),Norway

Fjord Seafood Florø, (processing plant), Norway

Fjord Seafood Måløy A/S, Norway

Fjord Seafood Midt Norge A/S, Norway

Fjord Seafood MO A/S, Norway

Fjord Seafood Services AS, Norway

Fjord-Drift A/S, Norway.

Forellenzucht Trostadt GbR, Germany

Follalaks Holding A/S, Norway

Gjeleviken Fisk A/S, Norway.

Global Aqua, USA.

Gold River Smolt hatchery, Canada

Gray Aquaculture, Canada

Grieg Seafood - Big Tree Creek Hatchery, Canada

Grieg Seafood A/S dep. Hestå, Norway

Grieg Seafood Rogaland A/S dep. Stjernelaks, Norway

Harvest Home Holdings Pty. Ltd., Australia

Harwood Fish Culture Station, Canada

Haukaa Settefisk A/S, Norway

Havtrans A/S, (wellboat: "M/V Havtrans"), Norway.

Helgøysund Fisk A/S, Norway.

Hjelvik Settefisk A/S, Norway

Huon Aquaculture Company Pty. Ltd., Tasmania.

Hydro Seafood Fanad; (2 systems), Ireland.

Hydro Seafood GSP, (wellboat), Shetland.

Hydro Seafood GSP; (3 systems), Scotland.

Hydro Seafood GSP; (wellboat)

Hydro Seafood Mowi A/S, Norway.

Hydro Seafood Produksjon A/S, Norway.

Hydro Seafood Rogaland (processing plant),Norway

Hydro Seafood Rogaland, Norway.

Hydrotech gruppen AS (processing plant), Norwa

Idagida, Turkey.

Innovaqua SLL, Spain

Isaac Salmon, New Zealand

Ishavssmolt A/S, Norway

Jakta Fiskeoppdrett A/S, Norway

Jail Island Aquaculture, Canada

JEIL Fisheries Equipment Inc., Korea.

Joannes Thomsen P/F, Faroe Islands.

JT-Electric Ltd, Faroe Islands.

Jørgen Vågsholm A/S, Norway

Killary Salmon Company Ltd, Ireland.

Kraftlaks A/S, Norway

Lafjord Group A/S, Norway.

Laksetransport AS, Norway

Langstein Fisk, Norway

Laschinger Holding A/S, Norway.

Loden Laks A/S, Norway

Lofilab A/S, Norway

Lone Ørret A/S, Norway

Marine Harvest Glomfjord Smolt, Norway

Marine Harvest McConnel; (10 systems), Scotland

Marine Harvest Loch Shell, Scotland

Marine Harvest Norway AS dep.Hidra (processing plant), Norway

Marine Harvest Rogaland, Norway

Marine Harvest Ulvan, Norway

Marine Harvest, BC. Canada.

Marine Harvest, Chile

Marine Harvest, Australia

Martin E. Birkenes, (processing plant), Norway

Muirachmhainni Teo.; Marine Resources Ltd., Ireland

Måsøval Fiskeoppdrett A/S, Norway.

Matre Fisk A/S, Norway.

Matsui Corporation. (5 systems), Japan

Melbu Tech, Norway

Melbu Systems, Norway

Midnor Havbruk A/S, Norway.

Midt Finnmark Smolt A/S, Norway.

Midt-Norsk Havbruk A/S, Norway

Mileu Inc., Canada

MMC Vectura A/S, Norway

Moflag Fisk A/S, Norwa

Nawash Fish Farms, Canada

Nesset Fiskeoppdrett A/S, Norway.

Noram/Heritage Aquaculture, Canada

Norlaks Produkter AS,(processing plant), Norway

Norsk Marin Yngel AS, Norway

Nortas Pty. Ltd., Tasmania.

Norway Seafarm A/S, Norway.

Nova Sea A/S (processing plant), Norway.

Nybruset A/S, Norwa

Oddegutt Fisketransport AS, Norway

Omega Salmon Group, Canada

Omega Salmon Group: Salmon Transporter, Canada

Optimar AS Sula, Norway

Orcha Shipping Inc; (Wellboats), Canada

P/F laksaaling, Faroe Island.

Pan Asia Ocean Group, Taiwan.

Patagonia Salmon Ltda; (2 systems;wellboats), Chile

Patagonia Travelling Service S.A., (wellboat), Chile

Polar, (processing plant), Norway

Polarcirkel International A/S,Norway,(customer in China)

PR Florø Fisketransport A/S;(wellboat: "M/V Salmo Vest),Norway

PR Martin Sele; "M/V Mowistar", Norway

Rostein A/S; (8 systems on 8 wellboats), Norway.

Ryfylke Fiskeoppdrett A/S, Norway.

Sætre Settefisk A/S, Norway.

Sagafisk A/S, Norway

Salaks A/S, Norway.

Salmar A/S, Norway.

Salmones Antartica, Chile

Salmonifera Dalcahue, Chile

Salten Havbruk A/S, Norway.

Sandvoll Havbruk A/S, Norway.

Santa Cruise Salmon Farm Ltd., Ireland.

Sea-Com Marine Elec. Ltd. , Canada

Seafarm Invest A/S, Norway.

Seafarm Ionian S.A. , Greece

Seafood Farmers A/S, dep. Settefisk Dalsfjord, Norway

Seivåg AS; (wellboat), Norway

Selonda, Greece

Senjabulk A/S; B/B Olga Nergård, Norway.

Setransmolt A/S, Norway

Sildarvinnslan hf, Iceland

Silver Seed A/S, Norway

Simar Spa, Italy

Sinkaberg Fisk A/S, Norway.

Sisomar A/S dep. Kines, Norway.

Sjøfrakt AS / K. Levende Fisk Transport AS; wellboat: M/V Aqua Boy, Norway.

Sjørøye A/S, Norway

Skjerdal Laks A/S, Norway

Skjervøy Edelfisk A/S, Norway.

Skrovabulk A/S, (wellboat), Norway.

Skrovafrakt A/S; (wellboat: B/B Seafood), Norway

Slotts lax A/B, Sweden

Solea Shipping Ltd. (wellboat: "M/V Solea"), Scotland.

Sølvtrans A/S; wellboats: M/V Ronjafisk, M/V Ronja Christopher, M/V Ronja Skye, M/V Ronja Settler, M/V Ronja Commander

South Australia Aquaculture Management Pty ltd.

Startrans AS, Norway

Steinar Eide, Norway

Steinsvik Laks A/S, Norway.

Steinvik Fiskefarm A/S, Norway.

Stolt Sea Farm A/S; Gildeskål, Norway.

Stolt Sea Farm Inc, Canada.

Stolt Sea Farm Ltd. (processing plant), Scotland

Stolt Seafarm A/S dep. Gildeskål, Norway

Stolt Seafarm A/S dep. Masfjordnes, Norway

Stolt Seafarm A/S dep. Naustbukta, Norway

Stolt Seafarm- Darymple Creek Hatchery, Canada

Stolt Seafarm, N.B. Canada.

Stolt Seafarm, Chile.

Svensk Fjell Røding AB, Swede

Tassal Ltd.(3 systems), Tasmania.

The New Zealand King Salmon Company

Torris Products A/S(2 systems), Norway.

Trippelsmolt A/S, Norway

Troms Brønnbåtservice A/S, (wellboats: M/V Magnus Kvamme, M/V K.M. Myran, M/V Chris Erling, M/V Langsund), Norway

Umlax AB, Sweden.

Unimarc, Chile

Van Diemen Aquaculture Pty. Ltd. , Tasmania

Vest Salmon P/F, (processing plant), Faroe Islands

Vikenco A/S, (processing plant), Norway

Viking Fjord A/S (processing plant), Norway.

Ving-Forell, Denmark.

Vivieros de los Pirineos SA, Spain

W. Riggert Forellenzucht, Germany

Washington State. (7 systems), USA

Water Management Technologies Inc., USA

West Coast Fishculture Ltd. (2 systems), Canada.

Western Isles Seafood Company Ltd., Scotland

Widaqt AB, Sweden.

Ytterøy Sjøprodukter A/S, Norway.

Øksna Bruk A/S, Norway.

Øyralaks A/S, Norway