External Display

Our large External Display enables the information during the counting process to be viewed more places than the control room. This can be the Count, the Average Weight, the Total Weight and Efficiency and they are readable up to 40 meters away.

The connection is simple. A standard AquaScan cable (different lengths may be used) is connected between the External Display and a Connector Box placed near the PC. The Connector Box only needs 230VAC power and a USB port at a PC running the software AquaScan Win.

The operator can select in AquaScan Win what kind of information to send to the External Display. Total number, Total weight, Average weight or Current efficiency can be selected. Error messages will be indicated by blinking digits.

Alternatively it can be connected directly to the Control Unit, although the choices of output data will be fewer.
More displays can be connected in series in order to show the same information at different places or to show individual information (as indicated above) at the same time.

This large display measures 600x240x60 mm and have six 140mm tall digits, IP65 waterproof housing, sealed electronics, guaranteed for unprotected outdoor use and hose down washing.

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  • Material: Stainless steel, aluminum, AR coated glass
  • Weight: Approx. 5kg
  • Dimensions: (LWH): 600mm x 240mm x 60mm
  • Protection mrk.: IP65
  • Backlight: LED
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