The CSF3500 is a safe choice for wellboats working with various fish sizes. This highly efficient counter is equally suitable for both large and smaller wellboats.

Measuring only 130cm up and to one side, it should be easy to find the right spot to mount it. Standard DN350 flange connection.

Recommended fish sizes are 100g to 18kg.

  • Fish size: 100 g – 18 kg
  • Fish size: 100 g – 18000 g
  • Capacity: 154 tonnes/unit/hour (5kg)
  • Water flow: Continuous flow pump, no air bubbles
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  • Material: Powder painted aluminum and POM
  • Weight: 80kg
  • Dimensions: 1242 x 1250 x 236mm
  • *Capacity: 154 tonnes/unit/hour(5kg)
  • Power Consumption: 40W
  • Power supply: Powered by the Control Unit
  • Flange connection: DN 350 PN10, 16 x M20x80 bolts (included)
  • Fish size: 100g to 12kg
  • Accuracy: 98-100%
  • Arrangement: Require continuous flow pumps, no air bubbles
  • Fish speed: 3 - 4m/s
  • Cable included: 10 meters AquaScan extension cable
  • Requirements: AquaScan Control Unit and AquaScan Win
  • Video: Composite video (optional)

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