The CSW13800 has twice the capacity of CSW6900, giving 45 000 kg/unit/hour or 453 000 of 100gram fish/unit/hour.

Out off the CSW series counters that cover the whole range of fish sizes, 25g to 18kg, this is the medium sized one. The counting area of 1.38 m, allows great amounts of fish to pass simultaneously.

In larger installations, such as grading machines for ongrowing fish or high capacity loading/unloading of smolts, this counter reduces the need to narrow the fish flow prior to counting.

  • Fish size: 25.0 g – 18 kg
  • Fish size: 25 g – 18000 g
  • Capacity: 166 tonnes/unit/hour (5kg)
  • Water flow: Dry/film of water
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  • Material: Powder painted aluminum and POM
  • Weight: 82kg
  • Dimensions: 826 x 1460 x 225,5mm
  • *Capacity: 166 tonnes/unit/hour(5kg), 453 000 fish/unit/hour(100g)
  • Power Consumption: 66W
  • Power supply: Powered by AquaScan Com-Box CSW
  • Rack connection: Rack 13800
  • Fish size: 25g to 18kg
  • Accuracy: 98-100%
  • Arrangement: Approx. 30 ° tilt forward. Dry/Film of water
  • Fish speed: 2,5 - 3m/s
  • Cable included: 10 meters AquaScan extension cable
  • Requirements: AquaScan Win

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