The CSW27600 is the largest counter in the CSW series. It has an enormous capacity of 333 tonnes/unit/hour(5kg). It is still flexible enough to count fish ranging from 25g to 18kg.

In larger installations, such as grading machines for ongrowing fish or high capacity loading/unloading of smolts, this counter normally removes the need to narrow the fish flow prior to counting.

  • Fish size: 25.0 g – 18 kg
  • Fish size: 25 g – 18000 g
  • Capacity: 333 tonnes/unit/hour (5kg)
  • Water flow: Dry/film of water
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  • Material: Powder painted aluminum and POM
  • Weight: 150kg
  • Dimensions: 826 x 2840 x 225,8mm
  • *Capacity: 333 tonnes/unit/hour(5kg), 906 000 fish/unit/hour(100g)
  • Power Consumption: 124W
  • Power supply: Powered by AquaScan Com-Box CSW
  • Rack connection: Rack 27600
  • Fish size: 25g to 18kg
  • Accuracy: 98-100%
  • Arrangement: Approx. 30 ° tilt forward. Dry/Film of water
  • Fish speed: 2,5 - 3m/s
  • Cable included: 10 meters AquaScan extension cable
  • Requirements: AquaScan Win

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